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ANAVA jewelry & design
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ANAVA Jewelry and Designs exports fashion jewelry since 2007. We wholesale to boutiques, fashion accessories stores, dealers and distributors in many countries around the world.

ANAVA selects the raw materials used in their studio from only the finest suppliers in Israel in order to create the perfect LOOK for each of our clients.

Our jewelers use various metals to create their various pieces of fashion jewelry. Pendant elements and ornaments are cast in brass or Zamak (a zinc alloy composition casting) and then plated with one of the following finishes: nickel, brass, copper, Silver 999, matte silver or 24k gold, and matte gold, which won't tarnish or change color for the long term. All our products are locally plated.

Necklace and bracelet chains are made from a brass, iron and steel (radium) base and coated with the same finishes as previously mentioned.

To finish each designer piece, the artists use the finest semi-precious stones, artificial pearls, colorful Swarovski polished glass crystals, fine leather and other casting forms of metals.

We try our best to give the utmost service and to support our clients to the best of our ability. We listen to you and will do all that can be done to accommodate your needs.

We recognize the fast changes in the fashion world and the different fashion styles in different places and between different segments of society in each place. We adapt to these changes and the wide gamut of needs and our offer of jewelries are based on it.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you closely to our mutual benefit, and make it a joyful experience as these jewelries are to their wearers.

ANAVA jewelry & designs is proud to be a part of the Israeli Exporting Institute - Ensuring quality and liability that stand with the highest Israeli standards.

ANAVA jewelry & designs uses zinc alloy casting (silver or brass), Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones, exquisite beads, glass and leather for the finest look.
Our jewelry is considered detailed art form, which enhances the beauty of women of all ages in all nationalities.
ANAVA jewelry & designs, re-introduces the pewter look into the fashion world.
The jewelry collection is made with a combination of classic methods & state of the art technology.
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