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ANAVA jewelry & design
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Optimal usage ANAVA jewelry

Optimal usage

ANAVA jewelry is fashion/custom jewelry.

All jewelry items should be used and treated as such, including, without limitation, the following:

Wrap or store jewelry pieces separately to protect them from getting tangled or scratched.

Remove jewelry before sleeping, prolonged sitting, engaging in physical exercise, etc.

Avoid wearing jewelry when showering, applying make-up, perfume, hairspray, body lotions, etc to protect the luster and fine finish of your jewelry and any stones contained therein.

To maintain the shine and color of your pieces, wipe gently with a soft dry cloth made of natural cotton.

Our material has been used in Israel for the last 35 years and has been accepted with great responses.

ANAVA jewelry & designs is proud to be a part of the Israeli Exporting Institute - Ensuring quality and liability that stand with the highest Israeli standards.

ANAVA jewelry & designs uses zinc alloy casting (silver or brass), Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones, exquisite beads, glass and leather for the finest look.
Our jewelry is considered detailed art form, which enhances the beauty of women of all ages in all nationalities.
ANAVA jewelry & designs, re-introduces the pewter look into the fashion world.
The jewelry collection is made with a combination of classic methods & state of the art technology.
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